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Were you aroused by our name? ……. Do you feel a desire to satisfy this curiosity? Allow us, at Better Than Sex to release your inhibitions and capture your senses by providing the most romantic way to finish off your perfect evening. As the islands exclusive Dessert Only Restaurant, we offer mystery, romance, and indulgence wrapped up into the most decadent sweet dining experience. We’d love to capture your curiosity with one of our chocolate dipped wine glasses, caramel rimmed beer or champagnes, and cheeky named desserts. Were sure you’ll have a few giggles, and fond dreams of Better Than Sex as one of Key West’s most captivating experiences.

Adult Apple

Ephemere Apple Spiced Ale served in a tall beer glass with our signature, Caramel Rim-Job.

Chocolate Grilled Cheese

Danish brie cheese & dark Belgian chocolate grilled on homestyle buttered bread kissed with cinnamon sugar. Served snuggled up against a shot of strawberry champagne soup.

Sex Appeal

Sparkling Moscato d’ Asti in a wine glass with our pink sugar/white chocolate Rim Job.

“Between My Red Velvet Sheets” Cheesecake

Red Velvet Creamy Love fluffed up to perfection, stands erect on a bed of double chocolate cookie dough crust topped with a whip of traditional cream cheese frosting and guarantees "smooth riding" under the covers.

The Original “Choco-Cab”

A Chocolate Rim Jobbed wine glass filled with our house cab.

Tongue Bath Truffle

Tickle your tonsils with these flourless wedgies (gluten free!)…Imagine being inside an extremely dense & rich Belgian chocolate truffle lightened with a cool, refreshing kiss of raspberry sorbet— a real trip around the world.

Mandy’s Man Candy

Fruli strawberry ale in a white & dark chocolate rimmed beer glass.

Kinky Key West Cream Pie

Silky Smooth within, plus nuts on both sides. This fluffed up Lime Cream Cloud floats a mile high on top of its flaky Macadamia kissed pie crust—it’s how we do Key Lime.

The Red Room

Sensual art on the walls and privacy booths for intimacy.

The Gold Room

Luxurious and private with a bit of family history.

nook E bar

Our newest seductive speakeasy—the nook E bar—hidden away for those secret rendezvous you want to keep discreet.

Our Design

Many thanks to our talented contractors, Wade, Bill, Morgan and Brian of WHM renovations

What people are saying about Better Than Sex

I came here with my girlfriend and we had a delicious drinks!! One of the best place I’ve been in key west!!! Google+


You have to check this place out, cozy booths, romantic lighting and honest to god good desserts!… tripadvisor


Great unique place for a romantic dessert, my husband and I loved the atmosphere and the wonderful desserts.


Try the key lime pie and red wine with dark chocolat. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It’s called FOOD PORN.


Len & Dani

Owners Len and Chef Dani find each other incredibly sexy—why do you think they went into business together?

Taylor “Taylor Made”

Gents: If you want to be ‘Taylor-Made’, you better have seamless confidence, clean-cut ambition, tuck in a sense of humor with a great smile and she will button you right up!

Mandy “Man Candy”

She may be known as ‘Man-Candy’ (just look at those eyes!), but show her that lovin’ feeling, try to match her witty sense of humor and she’ll playfully eat you right up.

Tia “Tia Pet”

The Tia Pet needs little tending: first, look deep into her eyes…feed juice, throw an upper cut, and watch her grow.

Ana “Anjo”

Ana exhibits the confident women. She’s an “on-two” player, and “spike hitter”, yet if you throw in a pair of red high heels, you can sit back and watch her walk the walk.

Katie “Sweeney Wood”

She used to be a “Cinnamon Girl”, but lately, it seems a little fresh talc is all it takes to get her starry-eyed.

Martina “Macho”

If you arrive revving a Black Challenger SRT8, Martina is always up for a quick spin around the block. Ironically, a challenge seems to be her vice.

Sanjar “Sammy”

Sammy’s in heaven here, with all the “BTS girls, it is sexy.” Well said.

Margarita “Marushka”

Marushka wears life lightly and find her fellow staffers to be an amazing sexy family. Mind if we join?

Shelby “Shabie Baby”

As Urban Dictionary States: “Absolutely Amazing, Incredibly Sexy, Sweet & Nice.” Feed her some ‘bubbles’ and out comes a touch of Spice.


Our own Island Girl, she’s the perfect balance of sassy and sweet. Independent, strong willed, Creative and Curious everyone wants to be completely surrounded by her.

Katie “K8T”

For a ‘Good Time’, come see Katie! Self-Confident, Self-Reliant, and Charismatic, she is sure to enhance your night out on the town, she may even come along…..


Playful and Optimistic. Taylor is a lover, not a fighter. He prefers the ‘female flowers’, with a ‘dried’ sense of humor —low maintenance versions only!


There are always questions. See if yours is answered here. If not, give us a call

  • Yes, it’s dark & cool inside— you might want to bring protection.
  • Our desserts are created here daily; rich, sensuous and sweet—just how we like our paramours
  • We love all children, but insist they be cherished elsewhere.
  • Our spaces encourage intimate tête-à-têtes, but our largest table can seat only 4 (possibly 5, if you really like each other). Parties of 6 to 14 may be accommodated in our Nook E Bar.
  • Music soothes the savage beast, which is why we choose our own soundtrack. Sorry, no requests.
  • With a name like ours, expect some saucy innuendo, but be advised—we’re 100% committed to a perfect guest reaction

Our Story

image2The dream began in 2003 …. And it all started with Len exclaiming to his new wife…. “I want dessert.” Four hours later, Dani brought out a fully decorated 2 layer Oreo Cream Cake for her new Hubby. Len Pronounced, “Wow, if you can do this what else can you do?” Dani took him up on the offer and began baking her little heart out at home. For the next three years she recorded all of her recipes, saved receipts, took photos of everything she was doing, just because something inside said she should.

Then in 2006 Len and Dani rolled out the “Dessert Menu” for the Restaurant to all of their friends at a Valentines day party at their home. None of them knew anything about the Dream. “You should do this for a living,” seemed to be the response….This is exactly what husband and wife team, Dani & Len had intended to do and their friends were the Ginnie pigs!

len_daniIn 2008, Better Than Sex opened their doors!

A Husband and Wife Team, Len & Dani Johnson are self taught entrepreneurs.

Owner, Len Johnson is the business mastermind behind the operation. Len has taught himself the ins and outs of successfully running this business. He continues to teach himself, motivate all around him and build an empire

Baker/Owner, Dani Johnson was surrounded by an Italian family growing up, centered around each other, love & lots of food. Baking became her and her moms favorite thing to do. Without any formal training in baking, Dani proves it is possible to fulfill your dreams…. With this recipe for success: 1 Cup -perseverance, 1 Cup -belief, 1Cup- Self Discipline & a whole bushel of trial & error!

Find Us

926 Simonton St,
Key West, FL
(Get directions)
Hours of Operation:
Open Thursday thru Tuesday
Closed Wednesday, it’s Hump Day
follow us:
Call Us: (305)296-8102

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